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Studio Notes

Summer Studio: 2017


Minneapolis in June is a near perfect thing. I know I say that every year but it really is and you should totally come visit (or invite us over if you're already a fellow Twin Citizen). June marks a shift into 'Summer Studio' and this year the list of things we'd like to get to is long.

New Work: Follow us on Instagram @byrdandbelle. We've started releasing new pieces like the new Full Flap + Double Pocket iPad Sleeves and we'll be shifting through prototypes of new items all Summer. 

Studio Remodel: We're having some required (boring) work done on the floor and walls in my office to help with some ground water that creeps in every May. This entire block seems to have been built on a geyser and although our issues are typically minimal, this year was a pain and it's time. We're taking advantage of the upheaval and heaving a little more with a new layout, new workspaces and updated lighting. 

Toward Zero Waste: In our efforts narrow our impact, I've stored nearly every scrap of material not immediately useable and some of it dates back years. Years. This summer we've started processing those scraps into useable pieces. We're also doing a biodegradability study on our 3 thicknesses of felt mostly because I'm curious to know exactly how long it takes to break down 2mm versus 3mm and 5mm. Our Oeko-Tex certification says it biodegrades within 12 months and we're going to create a bury site so we can watch it happen. Sounds fun, right? (Wondering about Okeo-Tex?)

Collaboration: Cardigan Donuts (above) opened last month in the Minneapolis skyway and earlier this year I worked with Jeff on a few different projects including wool felt coasters that incorportated Jeff's donut themed mid-century patterns (I'll be posting them on Instagram later this week.) I also designed a colorblock apron for their staff which I'm in love with and might need to add to the shop. Stop by Cardigan, tell them you like their aprons, buy some coasters and eat a donut in their amazing mid-century space.


Stockists: We did a special order for the Textile Center which you can find in-person in their gift shop. If you are in the Twin Cities, you should check out their class offering. My studio is proud to be a member and Serena and I are both slowly working our way through their entire class catalogue. They also just announced they're working with David Salmela on building updates/expansions so their lovely spot on University is going to get even better.

Talk soon,
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