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WOOLY Dumplings

$26 USD

The cute shape of the WOOLY Dumplings make them a great addition to any project bag. Available in three sizes: #4, #6 and #8. The 3mm 100% wool felt body keeps your tools safe and sound.

Dumpling #8 is a new size larger for 2017 and was designed as part of our 'Made in MN' collection for the flagship Target Store. This size is large enough to accommodate the larger tools and smaller projects. Measures 7.6" long x 5" high x 2.75" wide.

Dumpling #6 is the goldilocks of this set. Big enough to carry the essentials without taking up too much room in your project bag. Measures 6.5" long x 3.6" high x 2.6" wide.

Dumpling #4 is slightly bigger than your palm and is the darling of the group. Its stout shape easily fits small scissors, tape measures, needle tubes, and small extras. Measures 4.6" long x 2.9" high x 2.1" wide.

Every piece in our WOOLY Collection is die cut on our vintage Italian press and carefully sewn in our studio in Minneapolis. Available in several colorways. 

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