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iPad Sleeve with Pockets - Felt

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A slim fit iPad sleeve with an extra layer of pockets at the front. The narrow pocket was designed with Apple Pencil users in mind. First, the width of the Apple Pencil pocket is designed to allow you to reach in with your thumb and forefinger to grab the Pencil. If you been using the Apple Pencil, you know that the end of the Pencil comes off easily so you need to be able reach deeper, beyond the end to pull it out. The slanted pocket design is intentional as it gives you variable depth and the ability to choose how low you tuck your Pencil if you want it fully concealed below the lip of the pocket.

The second pocket offers a little extra storage best suited for flat/thin items: cords, earbuds, notebooks. On the 9.7" iPad, this pocket is about 4.5" wide. On the 12.9" iPad Pro, this pocket is 6.5" wide. This pocket will not fit Apple's Magic Keyboard but if you want a sleeve for that, we have one. For your reference, the notebook shown in this pocket is a standard size FEILD NOTES notebook.

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