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Studio Notes


  • By Angie Davis

byrd & belle

 In this studio, we believe in craft. We believe that attention to detail is more than a focusing of the eyes; it's a frame of mind. We count stitches. We hone skills. We have high standards and low tolerances. We believe that being makers makes us better designers. Simple is beautiful. Service is paramount. Work is good. Small is awesome.


Our Team

Angie Davis
Owner / Studio Runner / Designer

Angie Davis founded 'byrd & belle' in 2008 after practicing architecture around the Midwest for several years. She has grown the studio from a one-woman operation to a fully-equipt design studio and manufactory where every byrd & belle product is made and where she also designs/develops products for other brands and special projects across the US. She's the one who answers your emails. Her favorite color is grey. This is her jam.


Serena von Helmst
Stitcher / Maker / Coffee Cupper

 Serena makes things happen. She started here as an assistant and she has moved through our ranks to become a talented Stitcher and a valuable part of our studio. She's an incredibly hard worker and brings an enthusiasm to each new project. She curates an excellent studio playlist. She keeps a tidy workspace. She's also quite tall.  



Cameron Browne
Shipper / Assistant

Cameron pops in daily to pack and ship orders, manage inventory and help out wherever he can in the studio. Cam is an accomplished 2D/3D Visual Artist and is an adjunct instructor at MCAD. 


Nick Green
Developer / Collaborator / "Other"

Officially, Nick builds and maintains our website and acts as a sounding board for all things digital including internal inventory and shipping systems. He also collaborates with Angie on projects for other brands. Unofficially, Nick uses our laser cutter to build robots and does a pretty good Ringo impression. He doesn't sleep much.



Steve Green
Studiomate / Collaborator / Sourcing

 As separate business owners, Steve and Angie formed a collaborative workspace in 2014 that would allow them to work on each other's projects. Steve helps source & engineer fixtures and machinery that enable us to build the new things we design. His best find so far is an Italian Die Press found in a dusty warehouse 600 miles away. He knows everything.   



Studio Dog

Our most beloved co-worker, Gert turned 10-years-old this year. She spends her days napping and collecting treats and affection from everyone who passes through. She has been part of this brand and studio since the beginning. Her middle name is 'Byrd'.




The Studio




"That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work"


"The Best Handmade Objects"


"Davis says that one of the most important things she's learned is to be very clear with customers. 'Yes I have your order and yes I know your name. You're not just a number to me.'"


"10 Essentials of Warby Parker's Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa: I was looking for a laptop case forever for my MacBook Air before stumbling upon byrd & belle. It's light and compact so doesn't add unnecessary bulk. I literally run around everywhere with it in my hand."


"Angie Davis is closing the gap between architecture and product design."


"I’ve been using it for about a year, and I couldn’t be happier." Jesse Thorn


"We've long been fans of Davis, a Minneapolis-based onetime (almost) architect who is noted for her felt creations. Collaborating with Room and Board, Davis designed two totes, one for holding kindling, and another to be used as a catchall for the office and home."


"I keep coming back to this iPad Felt Case..."


"We simply love this smart little wool felt case..."


"Making Lemonade (Or in This Case iPad Covers)"


"Featured Seller, August 2009"



"From designing homes to handmade goods and accessories, Angie Davis of byrd & belle is the ultimate maker."



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